6 thoughts on “Got an Old Tee Shirt? Make a Mask

  1. I have another question, even though it’s off topic from the face coverings. It regards ventilator Triage. I’ve been reading several articles about how this will take place and how certain groups get points. All the criteria seem to be based on age, medical condition, likeliness to live another five years.

    My question is this huge population of young males that we have here locally and probably every city does. Young men ages 18-25 who have been in and out in and out of the criminal justice system their entire lives. Every day in the newspaper I read about a young man who has been arrested for breaking and entering, assault, attempted robbery, etc. so often it is mentioned it’s his fifth or six arrest, he’s been in and out of jail multiple times, he may either be on parole or have multiple outstanding warrants. This person has contributed nothing to society his entire life. In fact he has been a drain. If a 24-year-old such as this medically in need of a ventilator, what sort of score would he receive? How would I compare with him, age 69, thin, extremely fit, can run 3 miles in 34 minutes,but I do have a history of atrial fibrillation and hypertension, both well controlled.

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