Meat Intake and Colorectal Polyps

Meat Intake and Colorectal Polyps

Research professor of medicine Martha Shrubsole, Ph.D., and colleagues at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have published the first study to evaluate intakes of meat, cooking methods and meat mutagens and risk of developing sessile serrated polyps (SSPs, also called sessile serrated lesions). Shrubsole previously reported that consuming high levels of red meat increased the risk of developing all types of polyps, but that the likelihood of developing SSPs was two times greater than the risk of developing adenomas and hyperplastic polyps (HP).

Conventional colorectal adenomas are the precursor lesions for most colorectal cancers. SSPs, however, represent an alternative pathway to carcinogenesis that may account for up to 35 percent of colorectal cancers. Because a diagnostic consensus for SSPs was not reached until 2010, few epidemiologic studies have evaluated risk factors.


5 thoughts on “Meat Intake and Colorectal Polyps

  1. That is a very interesting article. I guess one of the many reasons not to eat as much red meat.

    For me the red meat issue has never come up, since I have never been able to eat it. I don’t know if I have inefficient salivary gland’s or what. But I have never been able to moisten and swallow a piece of red meat. I have good teeth, but I just I am not able to get the meat down. I remember as a child it was a constant battle at the dinner table. My father was a meat and potatoes man. I can eat red meat when it’s in some thing moist like spaghetti sauce. But I can’t even do a hamburger. Thankfully I’ve always lived places with good access to fish.

    • Out here in Oklahoma most people haven’t a clue what fresh fish tastes like. We are a big beef state. I just can’t trust any of the previously frozen fish, thawed, then displayed on ice. It’s not fresh by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Do you have any lakes with freshwater fish?

        That’s one of the things I like about Florida is the fresh fish. Every morning I take my dog for a walk along this pier. It is always filled with fishermen all times of the day and night.

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