9 thoughts on “Covid-19 Buzz Cut – Week One – 04.05.20

  1. It looks good. That’s about what I had done at my salon two weeks ago. No appointments for April. I think I may need to buy a clippers. Do you have any recommendation on hair clippers?

    Did you do it outside? I keep thinking it would make an awful mess doing it over the bathroom sink.

    • Sorry no recommendations on clippers. I borrowed my son’s clipper and all I know is that it is of professional quality. I did my buzz outside because there’s just too many tiny short hairs that will go EVERYWHERE. I’m hoping this buzz cut lasts long enough so that the barbers reopen or I can get another buzz with borrowed equipment.

      • I think that’s what I’ll do, clip outside. Did you bring a mirror with you, or just do it by feel?

        I will go search Amazon for professional quality hair clippers.

      • No mirror. The spots you’ll miss will be on the back side. Tips from Dr. Lee – 1) take your time. Overall it will take 10-15 minutes. 2) move the clipper slowly rather than quickly. 3) use both side to side and front to back motions. On my first attempt I missed a few spots all on the back side!

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