9 thoughts on “Covid-19 Buzz Cut – Week One – 04.05.20

  1. It looks good. That’s about what I had done at my salon two weeks ago. No appointments for April. I think I may need to buy a clippers. Do you have any recommendation on hair clippers?

    Did you do it outside? I keep thinking it would make an awful mess doing it over the bathroom sink.

    1. Sorry no recommendations on clippers. I borrowed my son’s clipper and all I know is that it is of professional quality. I did my buzz outside because there’s just too many tiny short hairs that will go EVERYWHERE. I’m hoping this buzz cut lasts long enough so that the barbers reopen or I can get another buzz with borrowed equipment.

      1. I think that’s what I’ll do, clip outside. Did you bring a mirror with you, or just do it by feel?

        I will go search Amazon for professional quality hair clippers.

      2. No mirror. The spots you’ll miss will be on the back side. Tips from Dr. Lee – 1) take your time. Overall it will take 10-15 minutes. 2) move the clipper slowly rather than quickly. 3) use both side to side and front to back motions. On my first attempt I missed a few spots all on the back side!

    1. I would agree but also think we will never get a true accurate number of COVID-19 fatalities. Cause of death will get listed as “pneumonia” or sudden cardiac death (MI).

      1. Very true. And then there are also the deaths of people who couldn’t get emergent care because the priority was treating patients with COVID-19. And then longer-term deaths due to people unable to receive their ongoing routine care on time because the medical system is overwhelmed.

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