The New Normal


I’m fortunate; I have a part-time job that gets me out of the house everyday, a virtual hall-pass that allows me to drive the corridors of the Isle of Man with my camera. For most other residents, it’s been a long few weeks, thus far. On Friday 27th March, the Isle of Man started an indefinite lockdown – nobody in and nobody out (unless you want to stay out).  I’d already started my own personal document of the COVID19 pandemic during a trip to London at the beginning of February – the sight of people wearing surgical face masks was less of a novelty and there was an obvious anxiety in public spaces with a lack of ‘social distancing’. I realised then that things were starting to escalate. 

Having already embarked on the project, sharing four images daily on Twitter, I was contacted by Breesha Maddrell, director of…

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