Where’s the Beef?

…we produce more than enough for our consumer needs, but quantity is not the problem. Getting it from the fields to the consumer is the problem and that’s where our distribution system fails.

COVID-19 stands to forever change cattle industry

Same issues with produce, milk, chicken…

Time to break out all of my vegetarian cookbooks.

HT – Vegan Twitter feed.

3 thoughts on “Where’s the Beef?

    • Think about the initial wave of panic buying toilet paper. We will continue to see sporadic shortages of various foods in the years to come. Retail prices will go up due to pure supply and demand. Our days of an abundant selection will become memories. One of the largest poultry operations on the East Coast is killing 2,000,000 birds because they don’t have enough people to process the birds.

      • Do you think they’ll be able to re-open the meat and chicken processing plants and have the workers social distance? On 60 minutes last Sunday they showed the GM and Ford plants making ventilators and how they had changed the assembly line to have the workers 6 feet apart. And in fact each worker was separated by a plate of plexiglass. Plus, every worker wore a Bluetooth wristband that would beep if workers got closer than 6 feet apart. And it also track them electronically, so if any of the workers became infected they would have a record of all the contacts

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