Leprino Foods shuts down Fort Morgan Plant

The Leprino Foods plant in Fort Morgan was started in 1950 by Mike Leprino Sr. making mostly handmade mozzarella and Ricotta cheese. Now they make only mozzarella cheese for many different products. It is the nation’s number one Mozzarella cheese maker in the nation. The company has approximately 275 employees in their Fort Morgan plant. Their milk capacity is over 200,000 pounds per day. Whey production is about 60,000 pounds lactose per day. The products they produce are cheese blends in individually quick-froen (IQR) shreds and dices, Whey protein concentrate, Lactose 100 and 200 mesh, sweet cream and animal feed.

Helen H. Richardson/ The Denver Post


The unconfirmed number of Covid-19 infections is 80.

Who knows how many pizzas will be affected.

2 thoughts on “Leprino Foods shuts down Fort Morgan Plant

  1. Oops, I asked the question before I read the article. It said about five days.

    I just read that at the local prison here, 45% of the inmates have tested positive.

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