Why I Follow Physicians on MedTwitter

I follow physicians on the front line so that I can understand the risks of our new normal better and to periodically adapt my behavior to minimize those risks to my health and well being.  An example follows:

The credentials from Emory University School of Medicine:

Dr. Milad Sharifpour is an anesthesiologist and intensivist at Emory University Hospital. His clinical expertise includes perioperative care of patients undergoing neurosurgical and vascular surgical procedures, as well as postoperative care of patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery in the intensive care unit. His clinical and research interests include perioperative stroke, perioperative fluid resuscitation, intraoperative mechanical ventilation, and postoperative pulmonary complications.

The May 15, 2020 tweet:

For those protesting social distancing (doubt they would read this) – a small group of my friends got together for lunch 10 days ago: 1 is on a vent, another admitted to a regular floor bed, 5 others are COVID + at home. You can be asymptomatic and have COVID19.

The state of Georgia started reopening a few weeks ago.



“We have a very large country and the dynamics of the outbreak are different, in different regions of the country.”

Anthony Fauci MD

We have better numbers in Oklahoma as the state enters Phase Two of our reopening and I still haven’t gone to a restaurant for a dine-in meal.

The YMCA has reopened and I’ve not gone for a work out yet.

My dentist called.  I haven’t called back yet.

I have been highly selective regarding which stores to shop at for essentials.

My barber has reopened and I have an appointment for May 31st.

It will be nice to get a real haircut.





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