House Hunters International (Pandemic Version) – Mexico

Citation: California Border Hospitals Hit by Surge in COVID-19 Cases From Mexico – Medscape – May 20, 2020.

Here’s the link:

California Border Hospitals Hit by Surge in COVID-19 Cases From Mexico

Here’s an excerpt:

Imperial County has registered fewer than 800 known coronavirus infections and just 15 deaths to date. Baja California, by comparison, has reported 3,458 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 134 deaths.  Two main medical centers in Baja’s state capital – Mexicali Hospital General and IMSS Regional Hospital 30 – are both “saturated” by the outbreak, Mario Cervantes, head of relief services for the Red Cross of Mexicali, told Reuters.  Some arriving ambulances have had to wait hours to deliver new patients, while others were turned away altogether, he said.  Baja health department officials said neither Mexicali hospital had exhausted its bed space, but Dr. Rafael Abril, president of the Mexicali College of Surgeons, told local news in April that half the IMSS hospital’s doctors were infected with COVID-19, which could lead to staffing shortages.

3 thoughts on “House Hunters International (Pandemic Version) – Mexico

    • A somewhat satirical reference to a TV show where people sell everything they have and move to a foreign country not thinking about the quality and level of healthcare at their chosen destination.

      • Oh OK got it. It reminds me the story I read on CNN last week about people who had bought these old villas in Italy several months ago for one euro. There are several Americans stuck there in these crumbling houses with no water or electricity. They are essentially uninhabitable. But they are in lovely little villages and many of the Americans have been adopted by the villagers. It was a very interesting article. I never heard of that TV show. I only watched a couple of reality shows, Alaska the last frontier and the little couple.

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