Worried About…Florida

The graph below compares states’ rate of positivity to the recommended positivity rate of 5% or below. States that meet the WHO’s recommended criteria appear in green, while the states that are not testing enough to meet the positivity benchmark are in orange.  Source – Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Positivity rates

Oklahoma is teetering on the edge.  But Florida is over the edge.  New cases in Florida below.


Meanwhile in Oklahoma…


Screenshot_2020-06-17 America Is Reopening But have we flattened the curve

I learned you can grab graphs easily from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

I also heard there was a political rally on Saturday in Tulsa.

I have no intentions of being anywhere near downtown Tulsa on Saturday.

But for those of you who plan on going at least we have plenty of beds.

Screenshot_2020-06-17 Personal Protective and Hospital Equipment Dashboard

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