Carnival Cruises Posts 2Q $4.4 Billion Loss

I’ve been on several cruises in my life.  As an excessive weight challenged individual cruises have always been problematic for me.  Too much food.  Too much alcohol.  The last opportunity to join relatives on a cruise was a few years ago.  I declined to participate.  I just don’t like cruises.

But I also don’t like witnessing businesses crash and burn.  Stunning number.

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2 thoughts on “Carnival Cruises Posts 2Q $4.4 Billion Loss

  1. I am with you in every respect. But as far as the food and weight gain goes, if you’re ever in the position to consider a cruise, try Regent lines. My friend Sue and Don travel with them annually. And they end up coming back about 5 pounds lighter after 2 to 3 week cruises. It is all extremely gourmet food in very small portions. It is one of the reasons that Sue chooses this line, since her husband is diabetic and has no self-control. But the gourmet meals are absolutely delicious, varied, and properly portioned for people in their 70s. This weight loss is not through any exercise program on the cruise, purely the excursions they took and type of food served.

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