Life Insurance In The Age Of COVID-19

“I just didn’t think I needed it yet, and I’ve committed most of my financial resources to my business,” says Silkoff, 31, the president and co-founder of, an online marketplace that connects property owners with roofing contractors.

COVID-19, though, forced Silkoff to consider his mortality. “I don’t want to leave my wife in debt should something happen to me,” he says. “Also, during the slowdown, I had more time to do the research.” So Silkoff purchased a 10-year term life policy with $500,000 of coverage for about $30 a month.

Life Insurance In The Age Of COVID-19 —

A life insurance policy is an act of love.

Think about it.

3 thoughts on “Life Insurance In The Age Of COVID-19

  1. Interesting article. I never heard of accelerated underwriting. The only business or financial training I received in medical school was fourth year from my cardiology professor. I wonder whether medical schools include any business training now.

    • Based upon what I know from my son, nope. Accelerated UW means no exam or blood work. We can get that from medical records, prescription DB, claims data and all sorts of other sources you non-insurance people have no clue about. Evil? Most of what we can get is public information. Think about that.

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