The Sturgis Motorcycle Event and the Death of Common Sense

South Dakota, which had the most attendees, saw coronavirus cases surge within weeks of the rally’s Aug. 16 close, with the seven-day rolling average going from 84 on Aug. 6 to 214 on Aug. 27. The numbers remained elevated into October: The first day of the month, the seven-day rolling average was 434. The state is second in the nation in cases per capita behind North Dakota, with numbers high enough for the Harvard Global Health Institute to recommend stay-at-home orders.

How the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may have spread coronavirus across the Upper Midwest —

9 thoughts on “The Sturgis Motorcycle Event and the Death of Common Sense

  1. I’ll bet there were a lot of MAGA banners there.

    I said good on the Native Americans for closing the highways through their reservations. I know a friend of mine who’s traveling this fall (don’t get me started on his decision timing for a trip through the United States) Who is complaining bitterly about being rerouted. I don’t blame the Indians for trying to keep Covid out of their land. They have enough of the virus already. And my friend is an MD, specializing in occupational medicine! He is a staunch Trump supporter, so that explains a lot.

    • I’ve seen a few pictures from the Sturgis event, no MAGA banners but a lot more political ideology indicators stronger than a red hat or sign. Political divisions aside it is fascinating how everyone’s risk tolerance levels are so different.

      • It really is fascinating.

        And I’m wondering have they done studies to compare the incidence of Covid infection in risk averse people versus risk tolerant people?

        It would be difficult to control. I speculate that the risk averse people probably have fewer comorbid conditions.

      • I’ve seen zero studies on the correlation between Covid positivity and risk tolerance. Agree this type of study falls more in the survey/observational type and any findings would be of limited value. I would speculate the opposite of your speculation. Risk adverse people have more comorbid conditions and are likely older.

      • That would be another interesting observational study about risk averse/tolerant people and comorbid conditions. What I see around here are so many big bellied Trump supporters riding around town in their pick up trucks drinking beer smoking cigarettes waving MAGA flags. I would speculate that most are obese, have hypertension, hyperlipidemia, ASHD, and type two diabetes. It’s getting more and more crazy here with these fanatics riding around in their pick up trucks with huge maga flags circling around and around and around the city all day long. And you can bet many are living on some sort of government paycheck.

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