Chinese American Families Suffer Discrimination Related to COVID-19

For their research published Oct. 29 in Pediatrics, Cheah and colleagues recruited a cohort of 543 Chinese American parents of school-age children, and 230 of their children aged 10-18 years, to complete online surveys between mid-March and late May 2020. Parents in the cohort were largely foreign born, with all identifying as ethnically Chinese, while their children were mostly U.S. born.

Half of parents and their children (51% of parents and 50% of youth) reported experiencing at least one in-person incident of direct discrimination (assessed using questions derived from a validated scale of racial aggression) related to the pandemic. Cheah and colleagues also reported a high incidence of direct discrimination online (32% of parents and 46% of youth). Additionally, the researchers measured reports of vicarious or indirect discrimination – such as hearing jokes or disparaging remarks about one’s ethnic group – which they used a different adapted scale to capture. More than three-quarters of the cohort reported such experiences.

Chinese American Families Suffer Discrimination Related to COVID-19 – Medscape – Oct 29, 2020. —
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5 thoughts on “Chinese American Families Suffer Discrimination Related to COVID-19

  1. This is so terrible. Have you personally experienced this or anyone in your family?

    I know my dear friend Charlotte has not been to our twice weekly outdoor tai chi practice since last March. She couldn’t take the frequent comments directed at her. She has lived here for 40 years. She has raised two children, one of whom is a neurologist and the other is a lawyer. But she still feels vulnerable. It’s not right.

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