Meanwhile in Oklahoma – 2020 Halloween Ice Storm Cleanup

The sounds of chainsaws are buzzing in the neighborhood. A few days ago I promised some pictures. It has been a week from hell.

Our power at the house has remained on for two full days in a row. We were planning on cleanup work this weekend until our longtime yard services provider showed up. The Boss took a tour of the property with the crew leader who told us not to do anything and that they would take care of all debris, trim up the trees, and stack along the curb for city pickup. I don’t have to buy or borrow a chainsaw. That’s the good news. The bad news is I feel my checkbook getting lighter.

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Oklahoma – 2020 Halloween Ice Storm Cleanup

      • Actually we have had two hurricanes since Sally, Delta and Zeta. Thankfully not much damage from either one. Louisiana is the place that got hit three times in a row.

        I’m still battling with my insurance company. I have hired a public adjuster. He has said USAA is definitely the worst company to deal with now since they have contracted everything out to ALLCAT.

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