Meanwhile in Oklahoma – 11.07.20 (exponential growth)

The headline came across my Twitter feed and my eyes just froze. Oklahoma reported 4,741 new coronavirus cases which obliterated the previous single-day record. I am still in a state of shock and tried to confirm the number at Unfortunately the state’s webpage has numbers are only updated to 11.06.20.

Source: Twitter

If today’s reported numbers turn out to be accurate it’s going to be a long, cold, nasty winter.


The Oklahoma State Department of Health reported 4,741 new infections on Saturday, shattering the previous daily record of 2,101 that was set on Thursday, and moving Oklahoma’s 7-day average to near 2,000 new cases. There have been 136,492 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Oklahoma since the pandemic began.

Oklahoma officials place responsibility on state residents after huge surge in COVID cases —

The record number of new infections today is confirmed.

Tomorrow I go shopping to stock up the pantry.

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