Utah – What Up?

And the people of Utah responded appropriately…

“He doesn’t have the authority to tell us what to do in our own lives, in our homes and what we wear,” said Ken Whetstone, who was protesting outside the governor’s mansion on Monday, according to the Deseret News.

Utah Mask Rule Spurs Protests; Colorado Extends Its Mandate — https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/940838?src=rss

When the NBA season came to an abrupt stop in March it just happened to be one of the Utah Jazz athletes who tested positive.

That’s it. No other snarky comments at this time.

7 thoughts on “Utah – What Up?

  1. The way I see it, we can either all wear masks or we can all go into lockdown. Believe me I’d much rather wear a mask and still be able to go to the store, get my haircut, get my mammogram, etc.

      • Yes, I see lockdowns in our future too. But what I don’t see is Florida ever locking down, no matter how hard hit we are. Governor DeSantis is totally incompetent. And I don’t see that changing, even when Trump is gone.

        DeSantis just appointed some sports blogger with no medical or computer experience as the tabulator of ongoing state wide COVID data.

        Our county is one of the worst. In one week we had two super spreader events, a Trump rally and a 14 day state fair. Masks are not required anywhere. Dozens of restaurants are open for dining on Thanksgiving. Only medical and dental offices require masks. Flori-DUH.

      • DeSanitis = politician = incompetent. So what else is new? The people in Chicago have been told they can’t have Thanksgiving. As if that has any chance of becoming reality.

      • Not every Trump voter is racist or misled. There’s a rational Trump voter too.

        This article truly scares me. Not sure if there’s a pay wall but hopefully you can read it. After reading Mary Trump’s book, and observing four years of trump’s behavior, I still cannot fathom how a rational honest non-racist person could ever vote again for Trump.

      • I followed your link and at the top was a header “This article is gifted to you by paying member…” with your name included. So thank you, I was able to read the article. Scary yes, but one of the better analyses explaining Trumpian popularity. Don’t kid yourself. Trumpian politics is here to stay with or without Trump.

      • Unfortunately I believe you are correct. I think Trumpian politics were always there under the surface. It’s just that he caused everything to bubble up. And turned it into a full blown volcanic eruption!

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