Meanwhile in Oklahoma — First-of-Its-Kind Med School Makes History

Ashton Glover Gatewood, 31, a member of the Choctaw Nation and descendent of both the Chickasaw and Cherokee Nations, has long lamented the glaring lack of Native American physicians. So she decided to become one.

Gatewood is a student in the inaugural class of the first tribally affiliated medical school in the United States, the Oklahoma State University (OSU) College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Cherokee Nation. The school opened this fall on Cherokee land in Tahlequah, the capital of the Cherokee Nation’s 14-county reservation in the rolling hills of rural Oklahoma, about an hour east of Tulsa.

First-of-Its-Kind Med School Makes History —

I’ll have to ask Project #1 on my Project List if he will be teaching any classes at the new medical school.

7 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Oklahoma — First-of-Its-Kind Med School Makes History

    • Dr. Lee’s EM residency program in Tulsa is a joint venture between the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State medical schools. The focus of the Tulsa program is rural medicine and I would expect the program will get some residency slots from the Native American school.

      • That is so cool! If I hadn’t gone into medicine, I think I would’ve chose an architecture. And for your son to be doing it outside of Aspen, that is quite an accomplishment. Such a beautiful location! And from what I’ve read some of the most valuable property in the country.

      • Other #1 Project works for a firm with billionaire (as in B) clients. Very tight non-disclosure agreement for everyone in the company. He talks about clients and projects in generalities only. Right out of school his first project was a $70 million renovation. Not a new build but a renovation. Yes real estate is pricey in his neighborhood.

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