5 thoughts on “ICD-10 W21.04XA

    • The most bizarre golf accident ever. This is my son’s bicep. That was ball #1. Approximately 10-15 seconds later he gets hit by ball #2 which caused a small fracture in his left patella. No plans to post a picture of the knee but I couldn’t resist the bicep photo.

      • Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! Will he need surgery on the patella? Or is it small enough that it will heal on its own? Was this the doctor or the architect? I had never thought of golf as a dangerous sport!

      • No surgery so obviously a small fx. It’s the doctor who had a xray while at work. In fact, he went to work today, limping a bit. This is not his first accident on the course. There was the time when a cart ran over his foot and…

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