Tiny Human Disease Vectors

Twelve children acquired COVID-19 in child care facilities. Transmission was documented from these children to at least 12 (26%) of 46 nonfacility contacts (confirmed or probable cases). One parent was hospitalized. Transmission was observed from two of three children with confirmed, asymptomatic COVID-19.

Transmission Dynamics of COVID-19 Outbreaks Associated with Child Care Facilities — Salt Lake City, Utah, April–July 2020 — https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6937e3.htm?s_cid=mm6937e3_w

Children are Silent Spreaders of Covid-19

“I was surprised by the high levels of virus we found in children of all ages, especially in the first two days of infection,” says Lael Yonker, MD, director of the MGH Cystic Fibrosis Center and lead author of the study, “Pediatric SARS-CoV-2: Clinical Presentation, Infectivity, and Immune Reponses,” published in the Journal of Pediatrics. “I was not expecting the viral load to be so high. You think of a hospital, and of all of the precautions taken to treat severely ill adults, but the viral loads of these hospitalized patients are significantly lower than a ‘healthy child’ who is walking around with a high SARS-CoV-2 viral load.”

Massachusetts General Hospital. “Researchers show children are silent spreaders of virus that causes COVID-19: Comprehensive pediatric study examines viral load, immune response and hyperinflammation in pediatric COVID-19.” ScienceDaily. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/08/200820102442.htm (accessed August 20, 2020).

This article is a must read for parents and politicians. In person school around the country has started. Be prepared in case your kid brings back more than just homework from school.

COVID-19 Cases in Children Up 90% in Four Weeks

Screenshot_2020-08-13 COVID-19 Cases in Children Nearly Doubled in Just 4 Weeks

The joint report from the AAP and the Children’s Hospital Association draws on data from state and local health departments in 49 states, New York City, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam.  The cumulative number of COVID-19 cases in children as of Aug. 6, 2020, was 380,174, and that number is 90% higher – an increase of 179,990 cases – than the total on July 9, just 4 weeks earlier, the two organizations said in the report.


Many Children With COVID-19 Present Without Classic Symptoms

“I was not surprised by the finding that most children did not present with the classic symptoms of COVID-19 in adults based on other published studies and my personal clinical experience taking care of hospitalized children in New York City,” said Dr. Lee. “Studies from the U.S. and other countries have reported that fewer children experience fever, cough, and shortness of breath [compared with] adults, and that most children have a milder clinical course, though there is a small percentage of children who can have severe or critical illness,” she said.

  Many Children With COVID-19 Present Without Classic Symptoms

Tiny human disease vectors.


Covid-19 – Truth vs Lies and Misinformation

The strongest weapon we have against pandemic is telling the truth.

I continue rounding on my other COVID patients, recalling an article that I’d just read about how coronavirus didn’t affect the 17,000 children infected with it in Florida because coronavirus doesn’t affect children.

  “COVID doesn’t affect children.” You may want to rethink that.

Naturally I tend to focus on infection numbers where I live.  The 17,000 number in Florida shocked me so I went online to verify the number.

But these figures continue on the rise. According to state data released by the Florida Department of Health, Florida has tested 173,520 state residents under the age of 18 for COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. Of those tests, the number has gone up from 17,000 reported last Friday to 23,170 tests that came back positive.

UPDATED: More Than 23,000 Children Have Tested Positive for COVID-19 in Florida

I was wrong.  The number of children infected with Covid-19 in Florida is higher than 17,000.  I wish I had more cheerful news on this Sunday but the truth must be told.  We all need to cut through the noise to see the truth.

After a unanimous vote at a commissioner’s meeting to make masks mandatory, residents of Palm Beach County in Florida erupted in anger, which included threatening to arrest a doctor for “crimes against humanity” for their vote. Two Twitter accounts — BadMedicalTakes and BadCOVID19Takes – a YouTube study, and Facebook posts promoting bogus COVID-19 cures highlight some of the public health misinformation being spread on social media platforms. The political nature of wearing face masks for public health safety has resulted in misinformation about their effectiveness. Those who wrongly believe face masks have detrimental respiratory effects are interfering with the ability to scale our nation’s public health response. During this unprecedented time of dealing with a viral outbreak and its economic effects on such a large scale, our nation should be experiencing strong unity in championing public health safety measures. Instead, the decision to wear a mask outside the home is influenced by gender, political party, and education level.

COVID-19 misinformation is a public health crisis

It came as a complete surprise that I would stumble upon my calling and purpose on this Sunday.  I’m not young anymore and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to structure my retirement.  I admit to reading a lot (maybe too much) and the pandemic has tightened my focus on the virus.  I never envisioned my reading/research and sharing on social media would become my calling at this stage in life.

But it’s what I do.  I hope you benefit from my work and that it helps you cut through the bullshit making this pandemic way worse than it ever should have been.




George Orwell – 1984

Masks are sexy.  Wear a mask.


Researchers report nearly 300 cases of inflammatory syndrome tied to Covid-19 in kids

Researchers report nearly 300 cases of inflammatory syndrome tied to Covid-19 in kids

Addendum to Post Pandemic Changes in Consumer Behavior.

Home schooling.  A lot more home schooling.

With approximately 1000 cases of MIS-C (including, here and below, those that have been classified as PIMS-TS) reported worldwide, do we now have a clear picture of the new disorder, or, as in the story of the blind men and the elephant, has only part of the beast been described? What are its cause and pathogenesis? How should it be diagnosed and treated, and are there wider implications for our understanding of Covid-19?

Link to the NEJM article.

Update 07.02.20

COVID-19 in Kids: New Neurologic, Radiographic Findings