Do Positive Emotions Increase Life Satisfaction?

The answer is yes and they do it by building resilience. University of North Carolina professor Barbara Fredrickson has spent the past two decades looking into why we have positive emotions and what we do with them. She even has her own term for her work: positivity.

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As a general rule try to avoid overly negative people.

Quiet Please…Life Underwriting Expert Witness Personal Branding Exercise in Progress

Only Your Brand Will Save You – Dorie Clark – Harvard Business Review

Starting today, think about how you can own your niche and build your audience. If you care about insuring yourself against hard times, the only true safety is in developing a personal brand that’s better known — and therefore more powerful — than that of your competitors, or even your employer.

Connecticut Anyone?

I got an email today from a recruiter and thought I’d pass it along.  What’s unusual about this opening?

If you said “paid relocation” give yourself a Gold Star!

The link is not click-able.

Good Luck!

I am writing to ask for your help in my search for an individual life underwriter position.

A well established and stable life insurer has a need for an addition to staff in their life underwriting department. Position will underwrite applications for individual life up to $500,000. Higher amounts with second signature. Great opportunity with potential for long term career growth. Relocation assistance is available. The position is located in the Company’s home office in Connecticut. There is not an option to work remotely.

Please let me know if you, or anyone that you know, are interested in learning more about this opportunity. Please pass this along to anyone else who you feel may have an interest.

To view similar positions, please visit our web site:

Thanks for your time.


Jim Peterman

J R Peterman Associates, Inc.

P.O. Box 3083

Stowe, Vt. 05672




Be Still…(it may help your brain)

Mindfulness Meditation Is Associated With Structural Changes in the Brain [NCCAM Research Results]

Brain images in the meditation group revealed increases in gray matter concentration in the left hippocampus. The hippocampus is an area of the brain involved in learning, memory, and emotional control, and is suspected of playing a role in producing some of the positive effects of meditation. Gray matter also increased in four other brain regions (though not in the insula, a region that has shown changes in other meditation studies) in the meditation group. Responses to the questionnaire indicated improvements in three of the five aspects of mindfulness in the mediators, but not the control group. 

The researchers concluded that these findings may represent an underlying brain mechanism associated with mindfulness-based improvements in mental health. Additional studies are needed to determine the associations between specific types of brain change and behavioral mechanisms thought to improve a variety of disorders.

An Expert Life Underwriter Bears Witness to the Growth of Ebooks Ebook sales are close to $1-billion. From Sentimentalists to Imperfectionists, John Barber explores how the publishing world shifted in 2010

The slow yet steady shift from dead tree to digital versions of books is fascinating.  One of my holiday presents was a Kindle.  I have joined the movement.

Last year was a disappointing year in my personal book reading.  I read just 30 books in 2010.  The reason was simple to deduce.  I spent too much time doing other things  (like working).

And in recognition of the new reality I am not increasing my effort to meet my goal of reading a book a week.  I’ve decided to approach this situation with more intelligence than I have in the past.  Yes, I’m setting the bar lower.

Read a Book a Week is now Read a Book Every Other Week.

26 books this year should be doable, no?