An Expert Life Underwriter Bears Witness to the Growth of Ebooks Ebook sales are close to $1-billion. From Sentimentalists to Imperfectionists, John Barber explores how the publishing world shifted in 2010

The slow yet steady shift from dead tree to digital versions of books is fascinating.  One of my holiday presents was a Kindle.  I have joined the movement.

Last year was a disappointing year in my personal book reading.  I read just 30 books in 2010.  The reason was simple to deduce.  I spent too much time doing other things  (like working).

And in recognition of the new reality I am not increasing my effort to meet my goal of reading a book a week.  I’ve decided to approach this situation with more intelligence than I have in the past.  Yes, I’m setting the bar lower.

Read a Book a Week is now Read a Book Every Other Week.

26 books this year should be doable, no?

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