Snoopy Has Been Fired by MetLife – WSJ

MetLife decided earlier this year to part with most of its U.S. life-insurance business. Now it is cutting ties with Snoopy.

Source: Snoopy Has Been Fired by MetLife – WSJ

Could the Gecko be next???

The Oklahoman – Comics

The Oklahoman link is to their online comics section for October 21, 2016.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Peanuts strip.

MassMutual Layoffs at Society of Grownups in Personal Finance Pivot – BostInno

A majority of the laid off employees were “completely blindsided” by MassMutual’s decision, one source said, adding MassMutual’s board was only expected to discuss funding levels in a meeting earlier that week.

Source: MassMutual Layoffs at Society of Grownups in Personal Finance Pivot | BostInno

Intel Layoffs Spotlight Plight of Aging Workers –

People over 40 were two-and-a-half times more likely to lose their jobs in this spring’s layoffs than Intel employees under 40.

Source: Intel layoffs skew older, spotlighting plight of aging workers |

Intel is obviously not in the insurance business but I felt this was an excellent article on ageism and the fate that awaits virtually everyone in the corporate world.  As strange as it sounds you really have to plan on doing something else before you need to do something else.

In my part of the country the current state of the energy industry has and will continue to affect many families.  If you’ve held a highly specialized position in energy the chances of finding a comparable job somewhere soon is slim.  Time to do something else.

Plan on earning less than you thought you would be earning.  The probability of this occurrence is higher than you think.  Find some other line of work, either your own small business or a company who appreciates old people.

Better yet, don’t get old.