Biomarkers May Help Heart Failure Risk Prediction

After accounting for the clinical risk score, several echocardiographic findings were independently associated with incident heart failure HRs 1.11 to 2.91, P≤0.001 for all:

  • Reduced left ventricular ejection fraction
  • Abnormal mitral inflow E/A peak velocity ratio a measure of diastolic function
  • Enlarged left atrium Increased left ventricular mass

These variables were used to create an echocardiographic score.Elevated levels of NT-proBNP also were independently associated with heart failure risk HR 1.61 as a continuous variable and HR 2.7 for values greater than 190 pg/mL, P

via Medical News:Biomarkers May Help Heart Failure Risk Prediction – in Cardiovascular, CHF from MedPage Today.

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