Life Underwriting Expert Witness Search Results on Google Alternatives

We get so focused on Google that it’s easy to forget there are alternatives to Google search. Granted, the alternatives are not nearly as popular. At 66% market share and 11.7 billion searches during the month of February 2012 alone, Google clearly is the leader. But other search engines are worth understanding — both from the perspective of when you are a searcher for information, and from the perspective of a site owner knowing that visitors may come from those other search engines.

via Google Alternatives.

I came across this article while catching up on news one Saturday morning.  For fun I ran the search string “life underwriting expert witness” without quotation marks on all of the search engines listed in the article.  I must admit that I was surprised at the search findings on all of the engines.

Let’s just say I’m a happy guy this morning.

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