Life Stressors Increase Mortality Risk

When they looked at life stressors and mortality, they found that 510 persons said they experienced none of the 10 major life events, and over the course of the follow-up, 159 of them died. Of the 853 people who listed one major life event, 276 died — a crude nonsignificant 4% increased risk of all-cause mortality compared with those having no life stressors.

Of the 588 individuals who experienced two life stressors, 213 died, translating to a crude 21% increased risk that also failed to achieve statistical significance. The researchers identified 257 people who experienced three life stressors, and 101 of them died, a crude 50% increase in all-cause mortality that was significant. They also reported that 177 persons experienced four or more life events, and 78 of that group died, translating to a crude all-cause mortality increase was 60% higher than those with no life stressors, also significant.

When the researchers adjusted for age and sex, the significant findings held for those with three or more events. When the figures were also adjusted for glycemic parameters, type 2 diabetes prevalence, body mass index, hypertension and cardiovascular disease prevalence, significance remained for those with four or more life stressor events — a 38% increased risk (95% CI 1.0-1.8), Rutters said.

via Life Stressors Increase Mortality Risk.

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