A New Tagline for Direct Primary Care

He let himself down on the couch across from my desk with a wince, belying the back pain that brought him here. He looks around at my office, which is not only a place he didn’t expect to be, but not what he expects a doctor’s office to look like. First there’s the sofa he is sitting on, which is where my patients spend most of their time during their visits. Then there is my guitar just behind me. He and his wife comment on how their daughter would love the fact that I have a guitar, as she is into acoustic guitar music. Then there’s me, wearing jeans and an un-tucked button-up shirt, sitting back in my chair and chatting like an ordinary person. He seems intrigued.

via A new tagline for direct primary care.

You know you are old when you have children old enough to be your doctor.  I had my annual wellness visit this past week.  My vitals were taken by a young woman in her twenties.  She was a medical tech student called in to help with the patient load.  My next encounter was with a third year medical student from the nearby medical school.  This student was approximately 25 years old and looked like he didn’t need to shave.  Finally my PCP came in the room and I was receiving care from an older and wiser MD.  If my doctor is 35 years old I’d be surprised.

No, not old yet.  My kid is still in medical school.


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