Lawyers Smell Blood in EMR – Computerworld

One recent lawsuit involved a patient who suffered permanent kidney damage when he was given an antibiotic to treat what was thought to be an infection resulting in elevated creatinine levels. The patient was also suffering a uric kidney stone, which precludes the use of the antibiotic. Because of the complexity of the EHR, none of the attending physicians noticed the kidney stone.

Detracting from the EMR’s validity was the fact that a date related to a previous intravenous drip was repeated over and over on all 3,000 pages of the record.

While his physicians claimed they’d documented his care properly, the EMR was so complex and filled with repetitive data, the judge found it in inadmissible. “When an electronic medical record is printed out, the amount of repetitive data in it is ridiculous,” Klein said. “Attorneys are having conferences on how to attack EMRs.

“All these cases were from top vendors. We’re talking about well-established ones used at Kaiser [Permanente], at the VA… and academic institutions,” Klein continued. “These are not rare cases. These are common things.”

“We’ve seen 92-year-old women getting diagnosed as crack addicts because of drop down menus.”

via Lawyers smell blood in electronic medical records | Computerworld.

In my daily work I see more f**k ups in electronic medical records than I’ve seen my entire career.  Et tu?

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