Nutrition Labels — Do You Read Them?

The following is not an endorsement of either product but simply nutrition labels for educational purposes.  I am not compensated for my efforts on this blog.  DISCLAIMER:  I did download an app to my phone and got the burrito for FREE.

Both food products are meat free.  The burrito is prepared with cheese and sour cream.  The second Nutrition Facts represents a commercially prepared veggie burger, no bread or bun.

Screenshot_2019-07-03 DEL TACO


Screenshot_2019-07-09 All American Veggie Burgers Dr Praeger's Sensible Foods

Take Home Lesson:

  1. Fast food is fast food.  Even when it’s missing the meat.
  2. Add a bun.  Add some toppings.  Eating at home makes eating healthier easier.

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