Coronavirus made simple by your friendly neighborhood emergency physician

When should I go to my doctor? The simple answer is when you can’t breathe or can’t hold down fluids. If you are having mild symptoms (fever, body aches, dry cough), stay home, and self-isolate. By going to the doctor, you risk spreading the virus to others, including us. If you go to the ER, we will see you but, if you are only having mild symptoms, you will likely be sent home with no COVID-19 test, no treatment, and a hospital bill.

Lastly, a personal plea. Many people are stuck at home with nothing to do. While alcohol is a disinfectant of sorts, it is not going to treat COVID-19! If you are drinking, have fun, but please wear a helmet and shoulder pads so that when you fall and hit your head, you do not have to come in and see me in the ER. We already see too many alcohol-associated visits in the emergency department. In a related note, drugs will make you feel strange. If you choose to use edibles or try new things because you are idle, please don’t do drugs and come in because you feel weird. I can’t fix that. As I told a patient this week, “You are high. If you don’t like this feeling, then don’t do drugs.”

Coronavirus made simple by your friendly neighborhood emergency physician

Amen.  Entire article is at the link above.

16 thoughts on “Coronavirus made simple by your friendly neighborhood emergency physician

      1. Oklahoma is smart. I am embarrassed about my state of Florida. They still can’t get it together. Every morning all morning on the local TV station are press conferences. City Council, Escambia, Okaloosa, Walton, Santa Rosa county commissioners, the mayor, and the governor. Talk talk talk. No action.

        Actually I don’t consider myself a Floridian. I have retired here. I am a New Yorker.

      2. I was born in Long Island City and grew up in Newark NJ. I transplanted a LONG time ago at the age of 25 to Texas, then made my way up I-35 to Oklahoma.

      3. I have no idea how I found your blog. I follow about three other blogs. Two on dog training and one on atrial fibrillation. So perhaps you commented on one of those? Who knows, but in any case very glad I did find it.

        Your handle supreme commander intrigued me. When I read the history behind your title, I had to chuckle. When I was stationed in Washington State, I frequently flew on a similar airline. Harbor International Airlines. The local puddle jumper. A six seater. One person. He served as receptionist, air traffic controller, TSA, baggage handler, flight attendant, and pilot. All the pilots were older retired Navy captains. Living the good life flying from Oak Harbor to Seattle to Vancouver and back.

      4. Governor DeSantis will not shut down Florida. In fact just today there were 190 direct flights from New York. People who have been ordered to shelter in place in New York are flying down to Florida. So we are importing COVID-19. God help us!

      5. The wealthy Manhattan dwellers fled to their summer homes in the Hamptons. The West Coast elites fled to Idaho. Both sets of dumbasses are exporting Covid-19.

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