Vietnam’s Low-Cost COVID-19 Strategy – Hong Kong Nguyen, 13 April 2020 As COVID-19 expands across the southern hemisphere, governments there have a lot to learn from Vietnam’s approach. Clear communication and government-citizen cooperation that leveraged technology are the main reasons why the country has had relatively few cases. Much attention has been paid to other models in Asia. Taiwanese […]

via Vietnam’s Low-Cost COVID-19 Strategy — CVD

6 thoughts on “Vietnam’s Low-Cost COVID-19 Strategy

      • Holy shit, I thought things were bad here. That is unbelievable! Euthanizing the old folks.

        It just makes me sick how politics are involved everywhere. From suppressing it to begin with in China to France to here… Lived are at stake.

        I had not read about the zinc sulfate. I had read about hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. Have you been reading about this experimental treatment? A friend of mine sent me some zinc capsules. I put them on the shelf, but maybe I should start taking them? I wonder if Zinc could work as a preventive? Is it one of those things where maybe it can’t hurt?

        She sent me a text today and wants to send me a capsule with some sort of mushrooms. I was going to do some research on that. She’s very much into Health foods and supplements. I have to be careful since I’m on a blood thinner. Have you ever heard of mushrooms enhancing immunity? I eat some almost every day and a salad, but not that many. Maybe two or three.

      • If we consume anything as preventative we need to consume a near plant based diet. Think Mediterranean diet. Lots of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. Feed your immune system with food. Fish is fine but not here in Oklahoma!

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