CARP (not the fish) COVID Awake Repositioning/Proning Protocol

Proning intubated patients has become a staple of ARDS care, and has been shown to improve mortality

COVID19 – Awake Pronation – A guest write-up by David Gordon, MD

This article is a clinical piece and mostly for medical professionals.


5 thoughts on “CARP (not the fish) COVID Awake Repositioning/Proning Protocol

  1. This is a very interesting article. I had read briefly about the prone position. It’s good to have for reference. Of note is the fact that is the only way I can sleep at night. In fact I had to get a special CPAP mask that attaches in the back. I can only sleep on my stomach. For some reason I just can’t breeze at all on my back, and not well on either side. I have been like that for as long as I can remember.

    Nice picture of you! Your hair is slowly growing in. Do you wear a mask at home?

      • Have you read any scientific articles discussing whether the COVID-19 virus originated in a lab in Wuhan? I hear so many people talking about this. And I wonder whether we will ever know. I doubt the Chinese would ever admit to this. Is there anyway to find out definitely the origin?

      • There’s way too much speculation in the media on the possibility the Wuhan virus originated in the level 4 lab or in the market. We know the lab was studying corona viruses in bats. And we know bats were sold for food in the market. We will likely never know the truth because no one wants either the blame or the responsibility for this deadly virus.

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