Less Worried About Tulsa (for now)



Screenshot_2020-06-27 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Tulsa Health Department(1)

Screenshot_2020-06-27 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Tulsa Health Department(2)

Screenshot_2020-06-27 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Tulsa Health Department(3)


Go to my Project List page if you want to understand why I track Tulsa infections.

Look at the percentage of Asians with Covid-19.  Asians in Tulsa Oklahoma?

From a Gofundme.com webpage:

Dim Mang is organizing this fundraiser.

Created June 12, 2020 — Community & Neighbors

The Burmese American community in Tulsa is one of the largest in the United States, totaling about 8,000 members. We are a community of immigrants and refugees; the majority of the community are Chin, also known as Zomi, a (Christian) religious and ethnic minority group from Chin State in Myanmar.

The community is at the front lines of COVID-19, with outbreaks occurring across multiple factories in Tulsa due to the state’s passive response and these companies’ unsafe working standards. In order to aid the Zomi community in Tulsa, we (a group of college students and recently graduated college students) are raising money to put together packages of gloves, masks, and translated CDC guidelines in Zomi language, which is the language the majority of the community speaks.

Whirlpool plant in Tulsa temporarily shuttered after COVID-19 outbreak

A Whirlpool Corporation plant in Tulsa was closed after health officials confirmed cases of COVID-19, a deadly and highly infectious disease, associated with the facility.

This virus is doing more than merely infecting people, causing extreme illness and death.  This virus is a teacher.

We are learning who and what in our society is truly essential.

We are learning more about supply chains and their inherent weak links.

We are learning there are those among us who care about others and those of us who are boundlessly selfish.

We are learning the oft touted service economy is not only a myth but that a majority of the services provided in a service economy are not essential.


We are learning the “higher” in higher education is the cost and debt, not necessarily the quality of the product.

We are learning we all need to eat but not eat out.

We are learning.



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