More on Vitamin D and Covid-19

As of this article’s writing, there are over two hundred fifty articles on PubMed about the connection between vitamin D and COVID-19. As the research studies are undergoing, evidence is mounting that adequate vitamin D levels may be a protective factor against COVID-19 infection and severity. Here’s what the research shows.

Is there a role for vitamin D in the treatment of COVID-19? —

Yesterday I was going to post a link to an article “Over 80 percent of 200 COVID-19 patients in a hospital in Spain have vitamin D deficiency” when I realized I was unable to access or read the original study. It was late, I was tired, and I didn’t feel like crawling through PubMed to find the study. Well someone out there did the crawling for me. If you follow the link to the original article above you’ll find more links to more research on Vitamin D and Covid-19 like the following:

Evidence suggests that vitamin D supplementation could potentially be effective either in treatment or prevention of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid‐19). Indeed, several studies and trials have begun to investigate the impact of vitamin D supplementation on patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2) infection. In this review, we focus on the potential mechanisms of vitamin D in the pathogenesis of Covid‐19. We consider whether deficiency of vitamin D may be one of the underlying biological factors that could explain the excess mortality seen among non‐Caucasians. We also raise several important questions which need to be addressed to provide a clear picture of the extent to which vitamin D supplementation may benefit patients with Covid‐19, particularly those with underlying risk factors.

Vitamin D and Covid‐19: From potential therapeutic effects to unanswered questions —

A little over a month ago I had my annual wellness check up. The medical nerd in me jotted a list of discussion items I wanted to cover during my visit. After catching up on family and checking off the items on my list I asked my doctor if there was anything else she wanted to talk to me about.

No, your list covered all of the things I wanted to talk about except for one. Tell your wife to start taking a Vitamin D supplement.

True story.

2 thoughts on “More on Vitamin D and Covid-19

    • I’ve personally bookmarked the article so I can dive deeper into some of the linked research articles. Very interesting indeed. Same D3 dosage for me – half from a supplement and the other half from a multi.

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