Utter Chaos? No Just Your Normal Vaccine Rollout in a Pandemic

With the vaccine rollout left mostly up to states and counties, they have had to rapidly devise their own methods for distributing shots to their residents. Every state has its own priority system and way of scheduling appointments, which sometimes change week to week. The complicated logistics paired with inconsistent communication to the public has resulted in mass confusion. The result: People are spending hours seeking information and searching for coveted appointment slots.

‘Just utter chaos’: A Twitter thread offers a window into the frustrating search for Covid-19 shots — https://www.statnews.com/2021/01/28/just-utter-chaos-twitter-thread-offers-window-into-frustrating-search-for-covid19-shots/?utm_campaign=rss

Here in Oklahoma we’re in Phase 2 of the rollout and the process to get a Covid vaccination appointment in this state can best be described as incredibly difficult. We don’t have a huge number of residents here in flyover country and to be honest, that’s a good thing. I can’t imagine how difficult this process is in the more heavily populated areas of the country.

BTW I’m getting jabbed tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Utter Chaos? No Just Your Normal Vaccine Rollout in a Pandemic

    • Thanks. I think the vaccine is Moderna based upon that particular site having openings for second shot appointments specifically stating Moderna. But since it’s been several days since viewing the state’s website I could be wrong.

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