Down 33% Since 2006 (no Scary Chart)

Case-Shiller: Current Slump in US Housing Market Worse Than Great Depression

No scary chart needed for this awful number.


DM and Depression – Watch That Combo

In Women, Diabetes Plus Depression a Deadly Combo

Women who had diabetes had about a 35 percent increased risk of dying, and those with depression had about a 44 percent increased risk, compared with women with neither condition, the researchers calculated. 

Those with both conditions had about twice the risk of dying, the study authors found.

Depression + CHD = Bad

Medical News: Depression Plus Heart Disease Equal Lethal Combo – in Psychiatry, Depression from MedPage Today

The risk of all-cause mortality was elevated 67% for patients with coronary heart disease (P<0.05) and 2.10 times for those with depressive symptoms (P<0.001) in the long-running Whitehall II study of British civil servants.

But patients who had both conditions had a nearly five-fold risk compared with those who had neither (hazard ratio 4.99, P<0.001), Hermann Nabi, PhD, of the University of Versailles, France, and colleagues reported online in Heart.

Watch That Paxil in Breast Cancer Applicants

Medical News: SSRI and Tamoxifen Increase Mortality Risk – in Hematology/Oncology, Breast Cancer from MedPage Today

Overlapping use of tamoxifen and the antidepressant paroxetine (Paxil) significantly increases the risk of breast cancer mortality, data from a large cohort of breast cancer patients showed.

The excess breast-cancer mortality risk ranged as high as 91%, depending on the duration of simultaneous use, researchers reported online in BMJ.


More Mediterranean Diet, Less Depression

I think it’s the wine.

Medical News: Mediterranean Diet May Protect Against Depression – in Psychiatry, Depression from MedPage Today

Studies have shown that the lifetime prevalence of psychiatric disorders is lower in Mediterranean countries than in countries of northern Europe, and it is “plausible” that diet may contribute, the researchers wrote in the October Archives of General Psychiatry.