Everything is Bigger in Texas

Today’s post is not intended to offend anyone or to plainly demonstrate how dumb some Texans are.  I married a Texan.  My two most successful projects are Texans.  I lived for over 20 years in Texas.  But you can’t make this stuff up:

Nearly 22 new cases per 100k people (7 day moving average) as of 07.02.20

In Galveston county less than an hour away by car:

54 new cases per 100k people (7 day moving average) as of 07.02.20

While down at the border:

EMERGENCY ALERT:  STARR COUNTY RESIDENTS:  Today it is with a heavy heart that we announce that we have had 18 deaths in Starr County due to COVID-19, and we had two (2) severely ill patients flown out of the valley for medical assistance, one was flown to San Antonio and one to Dallas. The local and valley hospitals are at full capacity and have no more beds available.

I urge all of our residents to please shelter-in-place, wear face coverings, practice social distancing and AVOID GATHERINGS.
– Your Judge Eloy Vera

Nearly 66 new cases per 100k people (7 day moving average) as of 07.02.20

Meanwhile in Oklahoma County:

No fireworks today.  We’ll have a quiet July 4th, burgers on the grill, potatoes, slaw and some beer.

13 new cases per 100k people (7 day moving average) as of 07.02.20

All statistics are from the Harvard Global Health Institute.  See my previous post Do You Live in a Covid-19 Hotspot?

And if you are offended by my comments on your intelligence I don’t care.

Worried About Houston

Texas is heading down a dangerous path, local leaders warn as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations surge

Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, predicted over the weekend that Houston is on the brink of a disaster, based on the latest trends in increasing numbers.  “My observations if this trajectory persists: 1) Houston would become the worst affected city in the US, maybe rival what we’re seeing now in Brazil 2) The masks = good 1st step but simply won’t be enough 3) We would need to proceed to red alert,” Hotez tweeted.

Houston Yikes 062320

Do not wait for a politician to tell you to:

  • Wear a mask.
  • Avoid crowds (especially younger non-mask wearing crowds where infections are spiking upwards).
  • Pay attention to your local Covid-19 statistics and act accordingly.  Limit your excursions to trips for essentials or shelter in place.
  • Practice physical (social) distancing.
  • Stock your pantry.


Where Have All the Briskets Gone?

The question now is how quickly the supply from the beef processors will stabilize to bring overall beef prices down and live cattle prices up. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced this week that he expected all the processing plants to be reopened soon. “I’d say probably a week to ten days we’ll be back up, fully back up,” Perdue said in a meeting with Trump and Iowa governor Kim Reynolds, but that may be overly optimistic. Even if the plants have reopened, they won’t likely be at full capacity. As David Anderson from Texas A&M says, “It doesn’t mean anybody’s going to show up,” referring to the workers. In an anonymous essay, an employee who says she works at a Tyson beef plant in Amarillo wrote: “I don’t feel critical. I don’t feel essential. I feel sacrificial.” Even if the workers are willing to return to the reopened plants, USDA inspectors are required for any plant to operate, and more than one hundred members of the already short-staffed inspector workforce have been infected.

Where Have All the Briskets Gone?

Texans are getting anxious about their BBQ.

Update 05.17.20

Meanwhile in Oklahoma…