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A couple of years ago I drafted a consulting proposal for a bunch of investors interested in starting a new life insurance company.  The investors didn’t want to spend a lot of money on infrastructure, so I drafted a proposal that emphasized outsourcing and the use of cloud based software services that were either extremely low-cost or in some cases, free.  I wrote:

The creation and implementation of a low-cost distributed collaborative workforce offers the new company an additional distinct competitive advantage in the industry… The new company will not be constrained by legacy systems, outdated processes, or asset quality issues.  We will create an administrative infrastructure built upon low-cost world-class services furnished by companies with a proven track record of success.  This simplified example shows how quickly and inexpensively a customized group of outsourcing partners can be assembled to provide core administrative services for the new company.

Since that time I have wanted to update my list of free software services but now I don’t have to. Stephen Murphy of getbusy media wrote a great little article which can be accessed though the link above.  The other link is just something else I’ve been playing with.

And for the curious, no I did not get the gig two years ago.



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