CNS – Pfizer to Face Testosterone Claims

Source: CNS – Pfizer to Face Testosterone Claims After All

   The multi-district master complaint asserted 10 primary state law claims, including strict liability based on design defect and failure to warn, negligence, breach of implied and express warranty, fraud, consumer protection, and unjust enrichment.
The plaintiffs also allege non-tort claims for wrongful death, survival, loss of consortium, and punitive damages.

One of the books I’m reading is Powerful Medicines – The Benefits, Risks, and Costs of Prescription Drugs written by Jerry Avorn M.D.  Definitely a fun read in  the context of our culture’s addiction to the quick fix.  Whatever ails you there is a pill that promises to fix everything.  Dr. Avorn’s book is packed with information.  Simply stated, there are benefits and risks associated with any medication.  Ultimately it is the consumer’s responsibility to know and understand what those benefits and risks are with anything you put in your body.

It was clear to me from the beginning that the unsuspecting and too trustful public was going to be introduced to a new disease  Low-T.  The pharmaceutical strategy  was just another medicalization of a natural process.

More. Drugs. Please.

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