The Pandemic Will Not End Soon — Over half of U.S. adults ‘unlikely’ to get COVID vaccine under emergency use authorization

The coronavirus vaccine is finally a real thing and millions of people have already received it. While the rollout has the world cheering, researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University finds many Americans aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to be the first in line for the vaccine under an emergency use authorization. Their survey reveals 53.1 percent are definitely, likely, or somewhat unwilling to get the shot under emergency use conditions.

Over half of U.S. adults ‘unlikely’ to get COVID vaccine under emergency use authorization —

Journal Reference

Willingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine with and without emergency use authorization

Published:November 19, 2020 DOI:

We are so screwed.

6 thoughts on “The Pandemic Will Not End Soon — Over half of U.S. adults ‘unlikely’ to get COVID vaccine under emergency use authorization

  1. I still feel so much better with the vaccine available, even if only 50% of the people are willing to get it. At least then I am protected or at least have some degree of immunity. Before I was feeling so vulnerable to the maskless masses.

    In a few weeks hopefully I’ll have developed antibodies and memory cells.

    Our local county health department is now vaccinating anybody who desires it over the age of 65.

    • The everyone over 65 vaccine first is a very good idea. Unfortunately there are reports from your state that indicate the roll out plan and execution leave a lot to be desired. Hopefully the logistics will improve as vaccine supplies improve. Demand for the jab as you might expect is high in Florida.

      • Oh yes, it’s a real cluster. In our county they opened up the health department for appointments yesterday. Very few could get through on the telephone. So people are going in person to make an appointment and of course it’s a big cluster just to make an appointment. They have a form now to fill out online and supposedly they will call you back to schedule an appointment. You can’t actually make the appointment online. Two of my friends finally got through and have an appointment in January.

        I also agree about the people over age 65. But the rollout plan and execution do indeed leave much to be desired.

        There was a big kerfuffle a couple of days ago when some people under the age of 65 received vaccines. They were accused of jumping the line. But the problem with the vaccine is once the vial is brought up to room temperature all the doses have to be used, it can’t be refrozen. So in this particular case there were some left over doses at the end of the day and apparently people under the age of 65 received it. I don’t know all the details. But to me it’s better to do than waste vaccine.

        That’s were appointments I think will improve things. That way they can plan the exact amount of vaccine to defrost.

    I wasn’t sure when whether you were familiar with the daily essays from Professor Heather Cox Richardson. I read her entries every morning and find it so interesting how she explains current events in the context of American history. I have learned more American history from reading her essays than in all my years of schooling. Plus it truly puts current events in perspective. Déjà vu all over again.

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