What You Can Do When You’re VACCINATED – Updated 03.20.21


2 thoughts on “What You Can Do When You’re VACCINATED – Updated 03.20.21

  1. Good information. I appreciate your sharing this. I’m still being a little bit more cautious myself. My group of ladies I do tai chi with want to go maskless. We are all vaccinated, but the other ladies do a lot of socializing. One in particular goes out to eat at least 5 times a week, attends the symphony, the opera, concerts, get-togethers at the yacht club, etc. And the people she socializes with travel extensively. So I’m keeping my mask, in fact double masking when we practice our tai chi inside.

    On the other hand, when I go to the gym, I no longer wear a mask. But at the time I go there are usually only 0 – 2 people besides myself. And I no longer do cardio at the gym. Only weights and stretching.

    • Risk tolerance is an individual thing. We just got back from a Texas family visit. I had lunch out in a sit down restaurant for the first time in over a year. Brother in law, his son and daughter in law all unvaccinated. All restaurant staff were masked. Customers all respected distancing and there were zero adjacent tables/booths occupied. I felt quite safe but plan on still limiting any dine in restaurant meals for a while. Still no gym for me but in a few months will consider signing up for a membership somewhere. I am approaching my “reopening” cautiously until more of the general population gets jabbed!

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