Colonoscopy – Just Do It (an almost forgotten post)

I came across this post in my collection of unpublished drafts. I thought I posted this but obviously I didn’t. This article link was intended to be posted before Colorectal Cancer Rates Rising in Ages 50-54. Better late than never, I guess.

More than one quarter of colonoscopies carried out in Americans aged 30 to 49 years reveal some type of neoplasm, and slightly over 6% of these patients have advanced cancer, results of a nationally representative endoscopic registry show.

One Quarter of 30–49-Year-Olds Have Abnormal Colonoscopy Results – Medscape – Jun 07, 2021. —
APL = Advanced Premalignant Lesions. CRC = Colorectal cancer.

Also see Study Finds Sharp Rise in Colon Cancer and Rectal Cancer Rates Among Young Adults and Diet and Colon Cancer Risk – CBS News.

8 thoughts on “Colonoscopy – Just Do It (an almost forgotten post)

    • Great question Dr. OlRedHair. The USPSTF changed their guidelines this year and ObamaCare added colonoscopy as an insurance covered screening test so my best guess is yes. BUT all insurance plans are different so there may be differences by plan and insurance company. ALSO if a polyp or other mass is removed the test can be considered diagnostic and the patient may be charged for the entire procedure. As an example, my test today was considered a screening test and will be covered 100% but since a 5mm sessile polyp (sigmoid) was removed that is considered surgery and I have to pay up. I also note the facility charges greatly exceed the physician charges.

      • That has been my experience with payment also. The facility charges are the greatest. Thankfully with my insurance, it covers even a diagnostic colonoscopy. All of mine are diagnostic forever because of previous pathology. Every 3 years. Yuck!

      • Thanks. I was prepared for any news, good or bad. Much better findings (1) versus my last screening (5). I think routine scopes starting at age 45 is a good thing. As a side note, my scheduled time was 9:00 AM. I asked the nurse how many scopes the doctor performed this morning. Five. He did five colonoscopies all before 9:00 AM.

      • $$$ The scope itself doesn’t take very long. I have had a total of three. After the last one I was in terrible pain from gas for hours. I didn’t eat for a long time. And with the whole process lost over 10 pounds. It was awful. I was the lowest weight I have ever been since about age 10. I don’t look forward to the next one at all. At least last year my scope was the first week of November, and Christmas was coming. So regaining the weight took place over the holidays.

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