Businesses Try To Stave Off Brain Drain As Boomers Retire : NPR

Businesses Try To Stave Off Brain Drain As Boomers Retire : NPR.


NatWest Open Sunday – IT Fail Causes Chaos

NatWest is battling to get on top of a huge backlog of failed payments after a software upgrade on Tuesday night went wrong, resulting in the bank being unable to process payments for its personal and business customers.

via NatWest opens on Sunday as IT glitch causes chaos | Reuters.

In a prior life, I ran information technology operations for two different insurance companies.  I changed my professional focus because the stress and pressure of maintaining 100% up-time in a 24/7 environment as my budgets were continuously cut was stupid.  Software upgrades should not, I repeat, NOT take down your entire business operations.  But in this case it did.

On Monday go give your IT person a BIG HUG.  She/he deserves it.

Have a Plan for Business Continuity

Missing List in Joplin Tornado Drops to 156 –

“The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce said Friday that at least 400 businesses and 5,000 jobs were affected by the tornado.”

If you click through and read this WSJ online article, you’ll notice a small video window.  The opening picture of the video is an electric guitar embedded neck first into a wall of a house.  I had never thought of my guitars as deadly weapons, but in the right weather conditions they are.
When I read about the number of businesses affected I silently hoped these businesses had disaster recovery and business continuation plans in place.  Unfortunately, the most likely answer is no and most of these businesses will ultimately fail.
Not many of us think about total destruction from an F-5 tornado.  But if you manage to survive at one point you will have to get back to work.
Time to spend some time revising my own business recovery and continuity plans.